Pot Life: Untold True Story (HARDCOVER)
  • Pot Life: Untold True Story (HARDCOVER)


    Settled originally by Cubans and renowned for its cigar industries; Ybor City, Florida. Now a unique visitor destination with many charming stores and diners and an Old Havana welcome. It is full of visitors on weekends and a quiet, bearable neighborhood during the week. A tad like New Orleans and touch like Key West, from downtown Tampa, catch a ride on the trolley and view a thriving community.


    Clusters of restaurants, pubs, and several museums are accessible if you roam around. Once a music store in the party district of Ybor City, now a forward-thinking smoke shop, Hot Wax Glass Co. concentrates explicitly on the customer journey, thanks to the courage of current co-owners Justin and Kevin. Collectively they realize using some risks and thinking outside the box can have tremendous payoffs.


    Get an insider look at the tale of K Scot Miller, co-owner of Hot Wax Glass Co, a unique glass blowing smoke shop in Ybor City and throughout Florida. From New York to Florida, Kevin and his comrades unite in a coming-of-age story set during the 1980s era of Just say No to drugs. Miller goes from pushing pot in college to learning the ins and outs of a full-scale marijuana home-grow operation. Ultimately, he discovers a dubious unregulated synthetic marijuana known as K2pot-pourri, or spice.


    Get ready to blast off into absurd twists and turns inside the hazy legal gray-area of research chemicals where he and his partners made millions. Kevin tells his tale of coming face to face with prison time or living his best life-doing what is right for his family and the tribe.

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