Super Bowl LV Cannabis Ad?

Is it the time? Super Bowl LV. Will we see a Super Bowl ad touting the benefits of medical marijuana?

Unlikely, but we can dream.

Let's take a quick ride in the hot tub time machine and look back at Super Bowl LIII.

February 2019, CBS rejects a Super Bowl advertisement from Acreage Holdings, a marijuana investment company. The ad was a call to political action, a public service style 30-second clip about the benefits of medical marijuana. The fine print at the bottom reads the ad's testimonials are from the individuals' experiences, and the FDA will not evaluate these statements. It also says marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance, and medical use is not yet approved in some states. "The time is now," the fine onscreen print reads. The video switches, and viewers are encouraged to call on their representatives in the U.S. House and Senate to advocate for change. It brought awareness at a minimum.

Here is the REJECTED ad:

The NFL has somewhat embraced cannabis, as shown by the most recent joint labor agreement between the NFL and its player's union that was ratified on March 15, the league agreed to loosen its rules on marijuana. Limiting weed drug testing to two weeks at the start of training camp and no longer includes suspensions for positive tests. But, the NFL has not officially declared to be a fan of cannabis.

Will this year be different? Could we see some hints of cannabis advertising during the Super Bowl?

Here are a few ads to check out:

Scotts Miracle-Gro "Keep Growing" Miracle grow is helping grow all the flowers. Fun fact, Scotts Miracle-Gro leads funding to legalize adult-use cannabis in N.J.

Uber Eats "Shameless Manipulation" Uber delivery service incorporates "Wayne's World" actors Mike Myers and Dana Carvey with singer Cardi B, to encourage ordering from local restaurants. Oh, those munchies tho...Uber is trying to capitalize on stoner comedy viewer nostalgia.

So, check this out:

It is time: February 7, 2021, Super Bowl LV. Tampa Bay Buccaneers' lineup plays an unusual home game against defending champion Kansas City Chiefs for a glorious chance to win the prized Lombardi Trophy. The Bucc's succeeded in winning three playoff games in a row, including the NFC title game against Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. The Chiefs accomplished considerable strides in winning against the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship game and are now en route to become the first team since the Patriots win in 2003-04 to win consecutive titles.

Watch the game here:

Date: Sunday, Feb. 7 | Time: 6:30 p.m. ET

Location: Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Fla.)

TV: CBS | Stream: CBS Sports App

Will this be the year cannabis advertising goes mainstream?

We shall see...In the mean time Go Bucs!!!

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As always, Puff away!

K Scot Miller