Pot Life, Official Release Announcement + Giveaway!

Pot Life, my debut book, is out! (PLUS A GIVEAWAY!) Just in time for Christmas.

The long wait is over. Some of my friends know & now most of my family knows I wrote a book based on my life experiences.

One day sitting around with my friends, laughing and telling old stories about college life and friends, who, by the way, (spoiler) make debut appearances in the book, Pot Life. My friends told me the stories sounded like a movie...

So, I got an idea. Write a book. Relive the moments! YES!

I started the draft Nov 2019. I was writing off and on when, yes. You know what it is.

2020 happened...need I say more?

We all had some time at home. To think. Reflect.

Writing Pot Life and putting experiences on paper had a profound effect on me.

Memories. Mindfulness. Muse.

I will admit I smoked pot while writing Pot Life; big surprise. I found out Shakespeare and Stephen King, "weed and write," and If they can do it, so can I. I just recently read an article where Mike Tyson said he smoked marijuana before his fight vs. Roy Jones Jr. saying 'It's just who I am'.

It's who I am.

That is how I feel too. It is exactly what I learned while writing my book, and I consider cannabis my muse, my plant teacher, anxiety reliever, medicine. If you are still reading, you might feel the same way. Not everyone will agree with my lifestyle and choices, and that's okay. I haven't exactly "come out of the (Canna) closet" until now and I talked a little about this in my last blog post.

Writing my book Pot Life was my opportunity to work through past challenges. An opportunity to grow and expand.

Finally November 11, 2020 I released Pot Life in hardcover.

I wrapped up writing and pushed for Christmas release, all while running a business and preparing for the grand opening of our Amsterdam style Coffee Shop. (Hot Wax Coffee Shop, Ybor City, Florida. Tentatively opening 12/18/2020)

We are creating Pot Life Culture community together.

Thanks to my partners, family, Hot Wax tribe & Pot Life Culture for all your help. None of this would not be possible without the tribe and community we are building.

My first Instagram post @potlifeculture

I have officially completed the eBook version + paperback and the purchase links will become available via my book link below.

I invite you to read the first four chapters of my story and join me @potlifeculture. Let me know what you think. Comment on IG & in the comments below!

In celebration of the debut release I am giving away a signed copy of the hardcover book + Pot Life T-shirt + Custom glass chain necklace created and by Hot Wax Glass Co. resident glass blower "Red" @glob_dylan.

“Exciting and fresh breakout author K Scott Miller holds nothing back in this entertaining page-turner; just in time for the cannabis revolution,”-William Fredrick

Pot Life: Untold True Story

A coming-of-age story set during the 1980s era of Just say No to drugs. Miller goes from pushing pot in college to learning the ins and outs of a full-scale marijuana home-grow operation. Ultimately, he discovers a dubious and unregulated synthetic marijuana known as K2, pot-pourri, or spice. Get ready to blast off into absurd twists and turns inside the hazy legal gray-area of research chemicals where he and his partners made millions. Kevin tells his tale of coming face to face with prison time or living his best life—doing what is right for his family and the tribe.

As always, Puff away!

K Scot Miller

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