Delta 10 THC: What is it?

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What is Delta-10 THC?

Just another Delta sibling on the cannabis block-

Meet Delta 10!

How was it Discovered?

A cannabis company in California named Fusion Farms stumbled upon some strange crystals in the concentrated distillate they produced from some previously purchased outdoor growing cannabis. Consequently, there had been an onslaught of wildfires in California, and unknown to them at the time, they bought and processed cannabis biomass that local firefighters covered with a fire retardant spray.

They deduced the biomass, then distilled the extract. Later, the farm observed some novel crystals in the distillate. The crystals did not resemble anything they confronted before. Not an exact match, but the crystals resembled CBC. A licensed testing lab analyzed data with all recognized cannabinoids, and they still found no matching cannabinoids. For several months they were unable to find a determination and left at a dead end.

Because of the fire retardant's presence, the novel Delta 10 crystals were able to form. Today, labs can already produce Delta 10 THC using clean and green methods, removing the toxins in the process. Exceptional labs can use food-grade additives to make delta 10 THC out of Delta 9 THC.

Delta-10 THC Effects

Currently, in the United States, Delta 10 THC has not yet been thoroughly researched. A study on pigeons suggests D10 THC is limited psychoactive compared to Delta 9 and even Delta 8. You will likely need more powerful concentrations of Delta 10 to achieve the same results you would get from the other THC types.

Scientists will be able to study more about the new, different, and unique cannabinoids; have more funding and equipment legally once laws adjust accordingly.

Delta-9-THC vs. Delta-10-THC?

Delta-10 is comparable to Delta-8 but with a more enhanced feeling, well-being, and uplifting effects, perfect for daytime performance. Delta-10 can be compared to a "Sativa," while delta-8 is more an "Indica."

Is Delta-10 THC legal?

Short answer, yes. It's a gray area. As Delta-10 THC is produced and refined from industrial hemp, it contains less than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC. Federal laws specifically schedule Delta-9 THC. So, Delta-10 has not yet been defined under current laws and is entirely legal in most countries.

Delta-10 THC is the freshest and most recent alternative of THC discovered entirely by accident. It has lately gained popularity due to new information about its applications, characteristics, and outcomes, which are very similar to Delta-9 THC without the severe side effects and regulations.

How can I take Delta-10 THC?

You won't find many D10 products out there at this time, but by summer every HotWax Glass, location + our Coffee Shop plan to launch an assortment of brand new items. Different product may be:

  • Vape pens

  • Flower

  • Gummies

  • Tincture / oil

  • Edibles

As we begin to grow our product line to include these D10 products, we will continue to notify you!

We currently carry assorted Delta 8, CBD and edibles + botanical drinks in our HotWax stores and coffee shop.

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Does delta-10 THC show up in a drug test?

YES, you can fail a drug test for cannabis if you use Delta 10 products. The drug screening test is looking for THC, and the Delta's are THC, plain and straightforward truth, so BEWARE!

Do you enjoy the feeling you get from a Sativa strain? You're going to LOVE Delta 10 THC. Sign up and be on the forecast for Delta 10 products coming soon!

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