It's 2021, Come out of the (Canna) closet, already!

Yes, I'm talking to you, pothead, weed smoker, medical marijuana patient. Come out of the cannabis closet and bravely announce your new-found freedom, well-being, health, vitality...

*record scratch*

Hold on..Who in the fam even knows you use cannabis? I know you're saying to yourself...

How do I tell my loved ones? How can I help them understand? I don't want to be without my medicine/vice. Psst, they probably already know.

I get it, I do...It's 2021, and I have to worry about this kind of stigma, still? Yup.

Thanks mostly to the US government and crazy advertising campaigns to destroy and stigmatize a god-given plant medicine. See Reefer Madness. The drafters of the Controlled Substances Act classified marijuana as a Schedule I narcotic—a classification reserved for hazardous drugs with "no accepted medical use."

All of the American myths, such as: "Marijuana is a gateway drug." Nope, not true. "You lose brain cells, and you become stupid if you smoke weed." Incorrect. The list is endless of twisted lies.

Basically, They got nothin'.

I'm Kevin, and I'm an entrepreneur, writer, pothead. Whoa, whoa, wait a second. POTHEAD? You mean the dirtbag, loser, dope smoker (labels we have all heard from well-meaning folks).

So, truth be told, I was on the DL with family and some friends about my weed consumption; for the most part, for a really long time. (Urban dictionary: 'DL' has evolved to be used universally to refer to activities conducted secretly and behind the scenes).

In my younger years, it was utterly illegal. Today there are places where there are recreational shops on every corner, 21 and over, gets you a joint. Or ounce. Or, maybe an edible candy to-go. Grandma is probably high, and you don't mind...but she doesn't even tell you.

When I say pothead, it eludes so many thoughts and feelings. Positive, negative, neutrality however you feel is----correct. Ya, it's okay if you don't like my life choices or medicine choices. I'm also cool with you not getting me or seeing my point.

Where is the integrity, though? Why perpetuate a lie about a plant that has so many medical benefits. Our bodies are created for this plant in our endocannabinoid system. I'm not gonna get sciencey, but they found cannabinoids on asteroids that came to Earth.

What in the actual...

I SEE you! I see what your dealing with, I deal with it too.

If you're coming out to your family about your cannabis use, try to understand all sides. Know the facts. Pick a good time to chat about it. Be brave; it can feel challenging to speak your truth.

Still, some cannot come out due to a job or career situation, whatever that may be. I get that too.

I created Pot Life Culture as a little blog pocket, personal memoir, tribe corner of the world wide web. In a world where division is everywhere, coming together, speaking OUR truth(s), and in turn, seeing and honoring each other's journey is so valuable.

I created a business and brand for people who believe in a revolutionary change of ideas about what is acceptable. I will focus on people who want to be seen and heard for their beliefs in the power of cannabis, cannabis culture, pot life culture while honoring all perspectives. I promise that engaging in the conversation will help you feel included—the inclusive (Pot Life) culture.

Shameless plug: Hot off the press! I just finished a tell-all book named Pot Life about my own life journey. Success. Struggles and everything in between. We can all use a story that we can relate to, even if only on a small level. This book is my own kind of coming out/stigma breaking/change-making to the world. If my book can help you embrace who you are, no matter what your choice is or has been in the past, my mission is complete.

Let me know how you feel about coming out of the (Canna) closet, comment below!

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PS: I'm throwing in some discounts on our exclusive Pot Life Culture statement T's...

As always, Puff away!

K Scot Miller